Attend a concert

A symphonic orchestra live! Is there a better way to experience classical music? Bring the entire class along to one of our school performances. Perfect for early teens. Concerts are not too long and take place during school hours and the programme is especially designed for young people.

Would you rather your students attend an official evening concert? Then choose one of our regular performances. MasterClassics and Symphonic Junction are perfect options.

Around the world - School concert

A group of friends plays music every day. They have known each other for ages and they play the same songs over and over again. One day a stranger arrives, he plays really funny tunes. And on completely different instruments! Such as a bendir, which is not a deer but a drum. And a qanun is not for paddling, but for listening to! Is this stranger really weird or is all of this actually quite nice? Do you need words to understand each other or can all be said through music?

Theater De Vaillant
1, 2, 5 November 2018 at 1.30 pm

Theater Dakota
13 May 2019 at 9.45, 11.15 am & 1.30 pm

1 x 50 minutes + preparation at school
€ 8 per student
Ages: 8 – 14

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MasterClassics - regular concert

The ultimate masterworks

We wholeheartedly adore the entire symphonic repertoire. Every passage, every note and yes, every rest too. But there are some pieces of music that crawl into your head and even enter your soul. Music that picks you up, carries you along and never lets you go. Pieces through which already brilliant composers manage to transcend even their own genius. Masterpieces that you must experience at least once in your life. You will remember them forever.

Masterclassics with Tchaikovsky 5
Masterclassics with Mahler 5

Symphonic Junction - regular concert

An exciting crossroads where Residentie Orkest The Hague encounters new artists, genres and audiences. The music comes from all directions and can pop up literally anywhere: on the balcony, at the bar, in the middle of the room, even on stage. You can’t get any closer to it than this!

8 dec 2018
Chopin meets the Blues
8 dec 2018
Tim Kliphuis
2 feb 2019
Chansons Magnifiques
11 may 2019
La passion Jeanne Darc