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Sunday 17 November,11:00
De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague

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Victor Creates a Monster

Young researcher Victor F. is obsessed with achieving his big dream: unravelling the secret of life. In his clandestine laboratory, with the best of intentions, he crafts a being out of spare parts. And then, on a dark and stormy night, everything fits together perfectly: he’s done it. It’s alive! Or has his experiment actually gone terribly wrong? A thrilling and funny musical theatre performance about power(lessness) and (im)possibilities, boundaries and conscience. Are you responsible for your own actions if you were unable to foresee the consequences?

Tickets include wardrobe, coffee/tea and a lemonade before the concert.

About this concert

Pepijn Cladder, director
Floortje Schoevaart, text

Children €10 / Adults €15
Leeftijd: 6+

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