Händels Radamisto - Residentie Orkest & DNOA

Thursday 17 January,20:00
Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire The Hague, The Hague

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Meet the opera stars of tomorrow

The Residentie Orkest works closely with the Dutch National Opera Academy (DNOA), the high-profile opera master programme run by the Royal Conservatoire and the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Each year, six exceptional talents are trained for an international opera career. This season is no exception. The Residentie Orkest and DNOA will present a contemporary version of a classic masterpiece. Which opera will it be? That’s our little secret for now. Why not come along to watch, listen to and enjoy the opera stars of tomorrow?

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Dutch National Opera Academy
Judith Kubitz, conductor
Harry Fehr, director

Serena Perez, Radamisto
Linsey Coppens, Zenobia
Zachery Vandermeulen, Tiridate
Stephanie Desjardins, Polissena
Helena Koonings, Tigrane
Rolfe Dauz, Farasmane


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