Reflections - canceled

Saturday 14 March,20:30
Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

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It has just been announced that new measures need to be taken in the context of the Coronavirus. Events with more than a hundred people are cancelled immediately. This also applies to our concerts and other activities starting Friday, March 13th, 2020. This measure is effective until at least March 31st.

If you have tickets for any of our concerts or activities, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Look into the ocean and tell me what you see. Do you see the depths below its surface? Or do you see your own immeasurable depths in the reflection? Like the sea: elusive yet all-encompassing, tranquil, wild, and never the same. With his layered and colourful composition ‘La Mer’, Debussy inspires us to embark on a quest for personal truth: Who am I? What do I hear? Do I hear the same as you? Can we see the same truth?

19.15-20.00 uur Reflect on Reality (in Dutch)
Concert Hall
20.30-21.45 uur Masterclass + Concert
Concert Hall

Reflect on Reality – Victor Mids

During our search for personal truth, a reflection of the world around us develops in our brains, by way of the senses. But do we see the world as it is? How clear is that reflection? How reliable is it? What if someone could ‘conduct’ your senses and brain as if they were part of an orchestra? What if they could mislead you? Prior to the concert, Victor Mids will guide you through Reflect on reality, a session filled with neuropsychological experiments, information about the brain, and baffling illusions.

Masterclass by Principal Conductor Nicholas Collon

Would you like to delve deeper into the layered structure of La Mer? Supported by the musicians of the Residentie Orkest, our Principal Conductor Nicholas Collon will help you to understand the piece even better. His specialised knowledge and flair for storytelling are the perfect way to get you ready for La Mer, so that the power of the music has an even greater effect.

Nicholas Collon, conductor
Baiba Skride, violin

Schumann – Violin Concerto
Debussy – La Mer*


A complete evening!
Tickets include wardrobe, coffee/tea and a drink before and after the concert.

*During La Mer, photos from the NEW HORIZONS series by the Hague artist Bruno van Elshout will be shown

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Victor Mids

Victor Mids started causing furore as an illusionist in 2007. He graduated as a medical doctor in 2013. He brilliantly combines the scientific knowledge of psychology and medicine that he gained during his studies with illusionism and sleight of hand, resulting in a new type of illusionism called neuromagic. He achieved his greatest breakthrough in 2015 with the Dutch television programme Mindf*ck, which was hailed as the ‘TV surprise of the year’ by daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Mindf*ck has now been running for five seasons. Victor Mids has become known as the leading authority in the Netherlands when it comes to misleading our brains. In his programme, and in other popular Dutch TV shows such as De Wereld Draait Door, he has successfully amazed and astounded guests including Mark Rutte, Andre van Duijn and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

The Masterclass of Nicholas Collon is spoken in English and is part of the main programme. The ‘Reflect on reality’ session with Victor Mids is spoken in Dutch and is an optional supporting program prior to the concert


Using a custom-built installation on the rooftop of hotel NH Atlantic in Kijkduin, Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout captures photos of the North Sea horizon all throughout the year 2012. Once every hour – day and night – heading straight for open seas.

NEW HORIZONS opens up a window of Space and Tranquillity, that invites you to see how you, like the horizon, can reunite everything that in everyday life seems separated: Heaven and earth, imagination and reality. Past, present and future. And experience the wonder of nothing remaining impossible, of what you truly believe.

During La mer, photos from the NEW HORIZONS series will be shown