The spirit of Tchaikovsky

Thursday 28 March,20:30
Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

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The ultimate introduction

What does music do to you? Does it renew your energy? Does it pull you out of an emotional low? Maybe it helped you find healing? Or become a better person? The Residentie Orkest The Hague believes in the power of music and will take you along on a journey of discovery.

Tchaikovsky’s Fifth! A great example of how music can inspire to become the best you that you can be. Powerful, rousing; thrilling even, and therefore the soundtrack to inspire you to realize your dreams, big or small. This is your moment: own up to it and become your own hero!” That theme: discovering the hero within yourself and becoming your own hero, we as the Residentie Orkest have embraced. March will be the month during which we will help you become your own hero.

From our ‘become your own hero’-campaign and practical experts’ advice, to our Spotify Hero playlist and bookstore Paagmans’ book top 5 and our magazine LIVE.

The grand finale of the hero month? Obviously, the performance of you hero epos: Tchaikovsky’s Fifth! Even the performing night itself will become a true hero fest that will bring out the best in you.

Are you starting to feel it? That is what the Residentie Orkest wants to convey: music is a source of power! It drives people forward. Makes the impossible possible: is the power source that will help you find the hero within. That is the Power of Tchaikovsky, and that is the power of the Residentie Orkest.

Over dit concert

Nicholas Collon, conductor

Pilchen – Highlights
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5

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