The Dark Days (6+)

Sunday 8 November,13:00
De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag

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The Dark Days: a new story is presented each year for the whole family, told in dance, theatre and music by the Residentie Orkest and Lonneke van Leth Dance. One day, 10-year-old Wendy throws her doll into a corner. She has the feeling that ‘growing up’ starts today but doesn’t really want to do it. From her older sister’s stories, Wendy knows that growing up isn’t fun at all; it can even be scary. What she really wants is for nothing to change, for everything to stay the same. But how do you stop growing up? A thrilling, humorous and imaginative preparation for the inevitable.

Tickets include wardrobe, coffee/tea and lemonade before the concert.

About concert

Max Knigge, conductor, arranger & composer
In collaboration with Lonneke van Leth Dance

Lonneke van Leth, choreography
Vincent de Kooker, scenography
Martijn de Rijk, text

Adults €15 | children under 12 €10

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