Experience the magic of music

A door to a magical world

Music is universal and personal. It is authentic. Pure. You experience it with your whole body and soul. Music only really comes to life when you experience it live. The emotions on the face of the soloist. The interaction between the musicians. Deep bass vibrating in your chest, whispering violins and stirring crescendo.

Music stimulates your senses, activates your brain and touches your heart. By listening, by experiencing it live, but especially by making music yourself. With the educational programs of the Residentie Orkest, we want to challenge children and young people to experience making music together. With the orchestra, but also in the classroom at your school. Click on one of the categories below for more information about our education projects.

Primary education (Dutch)

Participating, experiencing, making music yourself, among the musicians of the orchestra: that is music education at the Residentie Orkest.

Secondary education (Dutch)

We take young people into the symphonic world of great composers and inspired musicians, a wonderful world that surprises, enriches and inspires.

International Schools

We open the door to a world of symphonic music, an exciting place that’s new to many young people.