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A group of friends plays music every day. They have known each other for ages and they play the same songs over and over again. One day a stranger arrives, he plays really funny tunes. And on completely different instruments! Such as a bendir, which is not a deer but a drum. And a qanun is not for paddling, but for listening to! Is this stranger really weird or is all of this actually quite nice? Do you need words to understand each other or can all be said through music?


The concerts and workshops we offer are liable to changes due to developments and measures concerning Covid-19. We apply strict protocols for everyone’s safety during all of our workshops and concerts. If our musicians will visit your school, we would like to be informed of the school’s protocol so that we can take the relevant measures.

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Ages 8-14
€8,- per student
50 minutes

Schools outside The Hague: Price on request

24, 26 and 27 november at 13.15 pm
18 and 20 may at 09.45 am and 11.15 am
Theater de Vaillant, Theater Dakota and Laaktheater

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This concert can also be played at school (where several shows are possible in one day). Price on request.