Workshops and Performances

Our musicians at your event

The Residentie Orkest organises workshops for businesses where similarities are sought between the two fields. Themes include leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication and collaboration. We look forward to discussing a programme that is aligned with your company.

Masterclass Conducting: A new perspective on leadership


How do you put a first-class team together? What does it take to transform a multitude of variables in an orchestra into a phenomenal unified whole? How do you motivate top talent to serve the team? And the most important of all: how do you do that without words? These are the kinds of questions that are answered during the Conducting Masterclass.

At the same time, you can experience the magic of music and connect with the Residentie Orkest musicians. They participate actively in the workshop and also answer questions. Workshop participants can also conduct the musicians. A once in a lifetime experience!

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Music on location

Would you like to complement your event with live music? An ensemble of our top-class musicians is at your service. Consider a spectacular opening performed by our percussionists or an inspiring intermezzo. We are also happy to help you come up with ideas so that we can create the perfect programme for you.

Watch the corporate film of the 100th anniversary of LIAG and experience what role music can play during your event. In the background, you can hear music played by a Residentie Orkest trio. On this occasion, they performed a piece composed 100 years ago and a piece from the 2019 anniversary year.

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If you you have any questions, please contact Development & Relations. They will be happy to help you.

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Development & Relations
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