Wesley Troeger

One Minute Symphony

For this project, composition students from the Koninklijk Conservatorium take to the streets to make contact with a resident somewhere in the neighbourhood of The Hague. This meeting must lead to the creation of a one-minute symphony. A personal story from a resident of The Hague transformed into music.

American composition student Wesley met the ambassador of Romania for his One Minute Symphony: Brândușa Predescu. Mrs Predescu told him about the path that Romania had taken to join the European Union and take up the current presidency of the EU. She spoke from her heart when she recounted how it was to be a student in the period around 1989 and how she had found solace in art and literature until the fall of communism in 1989. She believes that Romania had always been part of Europe if you look at the synchronised, ongoing developments in art. She is proud of Europe and calls upon everyone to continue the cooperation.

Wesley’s One Minute Symphony will be premièred on Friday 17 May in the Zuiderstrandtheater

Follow his process

Wesley would love to demonstrate how he went about composing his One Minute Symphony. From the first meeting to the last note, he will go through all of the various stages in this series of vlogs.