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At this moment we offer the following vacancy:

Principal Trompet (65%)
Vacancy Principal Clarinet (65%, Reform Boehm/German system)
Vacancy 2nd Bassoon (50%)
Vacancy 2nd Violin Tutti (75%)

About Residentie Orkest The Hague

Residentie Orkest The Hague is one of the most innovative orchestra’s in the Netherlands and demonstrates more than ever that symphonic music is still meaningful to large and diverse audiences in the 21st century. The orchestra’s home venue is the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen. From 2020 the orchestra will be housed in a brand new education and culture complex in the heart of The Hague. In addition to the symphonic canon, the orchestra also creates special cross-over productions in The Hague’s pop venue Paard throughout the season, making the orchestra appealing to students and young professionals as well. Residentie Orkest performs regularly at various other major concert halls at home and abroad. Principal conductors are Jan Willem de Vriend (untill summer 2019) and the young Englishman Nicholas Collon, who will be Chief Conductor and artistic advisor from summer 2018. From summer 2019, Richard Egarr will be Principal Guest Conductor.

Residentie Orkest is renowned throughout the region of The Hague . The orchestra takes part in many important high-profile events, including the annual Speech from the Throne and Festival Classique. During holidays and other festive occasions, the orchestra celebrates with people across the region by performing various special concerts. There are also many prolific collaborations with a wide range of local partners, including the Dutch National Theatre, Paard, Gemeentemuseum and The Hague African Festival, as well as with the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Dutch National Opera and the NTR Saturday Matinee.

The orchestra’s ambitions are spearheaded by a proactive education policy. Its educational projects involve over 31,000 contact moments with school children annually, which makes  Residentie Orkest The Hague the driving force behind music education in the region. Numerous special activities have been developed for both primary and secondary schools.

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